Systems Integration Team

Meet the Team

David Booth - Head of Systems Integration
Tel: 07974441026

As part of the NHS ESR Senior Management Team, David is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the delivery of the NHS ESR Systems Integration Team, as well as defining its’ strategic direction.

David has been leading the NHS Systems Integration Team since he joined the ESR Programme in 2002. A key part of David’s role is to encourage the team to work with the ESR user community and third party stakeholders to establish ways to reduce the volume of duplicate data entry across the NHS, through systems integration initiatives. This in turn delivers increased financial savings across the ESR User Community.

Before joining the ESR Programme, David worked in the private sector for organisations that supplied payroll and finance services to the NHS.




Mike Rigby - Systems Integration Service Delivery Manager 
Tel: 07974441023

Working as a deputy to David Booth, Mike is responsible for the Service Delivery of the NHS Systems Integration Team. The leads for each of the Project, Development and Support functions report to Mike.

Mike joined the ESR team in February 2005 and initially managed the rollout of the General Ledger Interfaces to all NHS Organisations ready for ESR go-live, before taking full responsibility for Support of all interfaces in 2008.   

Mike has worked within an NHS service environment both for the public and private sector since 1991. He started in the computer room as a mainframe operator before moving into the payroll development and support services.



Victoria Hartland - Projects Team Manager
Tel: 07973358208

Victoria leads the Projects function and is responsible for the delivery of a project portfolio which will deliver increased links between ESR and third party systems.

Victoria joined NHS ESR Central team in 2005 as a Functional Specialist (supporting the national rollout of the ESR Solution), before becoming involved in working with other national initiatives and the development of new interfaces.

Victoria’s key focus is to develop and deliver strategies to integrate ESR with external organisations and systems.  The Project Team also has a responsibility for stakeholder management with third parties for new and established links to ESR, including organisations such as the General Medical Council and NHS Jobs.

Before joining the NHS, Victoria trained and worked as a qualified HR Professional in the private sector, gaining functional and practical Human Resource Management knowledge.


The NHS Systems Integration Team has five primary responsibilities

  • For each ESR Organisation produce a General Ledger (GL) Interface to agreed specifications and frequency
  • Ensure that all ESR interfaces are operating to the agreed SLAs and timeframes; data is being exchanged successfully and conduct operational review meetings with key stakeholders,
  • Enable the ESR Community to make the best use of Core and Non Core Interfaces, extending uptake and generating increased savings to the wider NHS,
  • Work with NHS Organisations, 3rd Party Providers, the ESR Central Team and IBM to define requirements and proposed solutions for additional interfaces with ESR. To ensure the adequate specification, quality testing, satisfactory delivery and support of interfaces are to Service Level Agreements.
  • To provide the technical lead to the ESR Community in relation to :- Networking Issues, PC Configuration and Local Software installation

The team is responsible for the on-going operation, support and maintenance of the following core interfaces - available to all organisations at no cost

  • General Ledger (GL)
  • NHS Pensions
  • e-Recruitment 
  • Streamlined Junior Doctors
  • Professional Bodies (GMC & NMC)
  • ACCEA (Clinical Excellence Awards)
  • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)
  • RPP (Smartcard/CIS)

In addition, the team implements and supports optional 'non core' interfaces to subscribing organisations including

ESR Outbound Interfaces

  • Occupational Health Outbound Interface (OHO)
  • Generic Retrofit Outbound Interface (Employees and Assignments) (RET)
  • Generic Rostering Outbound Interface (ROS)
  • Generic Expenses Outbound Interface (EXP)
  • Generic Active Directory Outbound Interface (GAD)
  • Smart Outbound Interface (SO)
  • Generic Data Warehouse (GDW)
  • Generic Patient Administration (GPA)
  • Generic System Centre (GSC)

ESR Inbound Interfaces

  • Generic Attendance Inbound Interface (ATT)
  • Generic Absence Inbound Interface (Sickness & Annual Leave) (ABS)
  • Occupational Health Inbound Interface (OHI) 
  • NHS Mail Inbound (NMI)

Bi-Directional Interfaces

  • Occupational Health Interface (OH)

There is a spike in the number of interfaces live in April 2013 whilst 'Transition' Organisations were established and PCT's VPD's decommissioned. 

The chart above shows the progress in the uptake of the 'non-core' interfaces that are available.

The increase that is shown for 2015-Q1 is mainly attributable to a combination of continued strong uptake of the Attendence and CIS interfaces, in addition to the application of the annual increase in staff costs. 

The team is currently working on a number of new developments in key areas

  • Occupational Health Clearance Interface: Working with NHS Wales to deploy the new bi-directional interface to their Occupational Health systems. The interface will support transfer OH Immunisations with the employee as they move around the service in Wales.
  • Generic Extracts: Continue to implement new system specific interfaces for 3rd party suppliers, making use of the Generic Extract dataset.
  • Total Rewards Statements (TRS): Development of additional functionality and delivery of the statement refresh for Autumn 2015.