ESR Benefits

The Electronic Staff Record (ESR) solution is an integrated Recruitment, HR, payroll and learning management system; in place in all NHS organisations.

ESR exclusively offers the provision of a true 'end to end' workforce management solution from 'new joiner' to 'leaver' enabling benefits that consistently support the requirements outlined within the Quality and Productivity challenge. Additionally, by actively managing and developing the workforce, NHS organisations are able to achieve a higher level of competence, thereby delivering a 'High Quality Care for all'.
In order to maximise the ESR return on investment, NHS organisations have been progressively supported to implement all aspects of the solution, using best practice processes. The effective use of ESR is intended to drive efficiency and productivity improvements across the NHS. Specifically, rationalisation of corporate service functions, such as recruitment, HR, and payroll can be achieved by embracing the opportunities that a national integrated solution, such as ESR, brings to every NHS organisation.
Following the successful completion of ESR rollout, the programme has exceeded the core objectives and targets set out in the original business case, evidenced in the 2008 Office of Government and Commerce (OGC) Gateway 5 review. ESR has supported the NHS to deliver:


  • £83.14m cash releasing benefits, exceeding the business case target (£61.95m) by 34%
  • £ 133.37m non-cash releasing benefits, exceeding the business case target (£101.96m) by 31%


The ESR team continues to identify executive leadership in every organisation to help drive through the benefits achievable by the model organisation. The progressive introduction of both existing and new ESR functionality is enabling Trusts to streamline back office functions, embed business transformation into all its workforce, HR and payroll functions and release real cash benefits that are being reinvested into patient care.