Benefits Calculator

The NHS ESR Programme has launched a new Benefits Calculator

ESR benefits:

  • Removal of data duplication
  • improved data quality
  • streamline back-office
  • Manage training and development and asscociated costs
  • Manage competency recording, reporting and compliance
  • Potential to reduce clinical and corporate risk
  • Maximise workforce efficiency - do more with the same or less
  • Evidenced delivery of safe care



"Calculating the total cost benefit of an improved programme is critical and motivational for staff as we remove waste, duplication and errors from our processes through service redesign. We are all time poor so stopping me from doing things that add no value to our service users allows me the time to do the value-added work that does give our customers what they want. These savings are real - they are about being more effective and efficient."

Professor Nick Rich, Swansea University

"Managing Workforce Utilisation in the NHS will always be essential. ESR is evidenced to enable workforce efficiency, allowing both transition and transformation to be undertaken, whilst ensuring the right people, with the right skills are available in the right place at the right time.
Using Case Study evidence, and based on the ESR benefits study completed for the 2008 Office of Government and Commerce Gateway 5 review, I invite you to road-test the ESR Benefits Calculator that the NHS ESR team has developed. The single purpose of the calculator is to further assist NHS organisations to model and quantify the business benefits that can be realised by using ESR."

Paul Spooner, NHS ESR Programme Director