Access ESR via the Internet

ESR Employee Self Service (ESS) is available via the Internet, giving NHS employees the ability to access their own ESR record away from their workplace at any time convenient to them.

With little or no training required accessing ESR ESS via the internet is easy and intuitive.

Benefits for NHS Employees

Employees can access their ESR record to undertake a range of tasks, whether they are remote workers or accessing ESR at home:

  • Check their payslip
  • Request annual leave
  • Undertake revalidation (nurses)
  • Contribute to their appraisal process

Benefits for your Organisation

The ESR solution can be locally configured to enable the automatic creation of User Accounts as part of the hire process. This flexible approach means that User Responsibility Profiles (URPs) can be issued making it even easier for you to allocate this functionality to your employees.

There are added benefits to your organisation; by building on the benefits offered by Employee Self Service with wider access to ESR:

  • Additional lever to implement on-line pay slip, increasing flexibility of access and reducing printing costs
  • Increase local staff engagement
  • Increase staff productivity – removes the need to access ESR during working hours
  • Professional Users may see an overall drop in the time spent dealing with individual employee queries

Employee Self Service and e-Learning can be accessed via

Not sure if you can access ESR via the internet?

Click here to follow this simple flow map to ensure you can access Your ESR record at home or remotely from the workplace.



Lots more information, including a slide presentation can be found on KBASE

Q & A

Q & A

Question Answer
What does N3 mean? N3 is the term used generically to define the network connection used to access ESR at your place of work. N3 is the national broadband network for the National Health Service in England. This is how you will access ESR currently from PCs when at work. For users in Wales the equivalent national network is known as PSBA.
How do I log-in to ESR from the internet? Enter into your web browser and log-in via the home page.
What do I need to log-in to ESR from the internet? Firstly you will need access to Employee Self Service. If you do not have access to Employee Self Service you will need to ask your organisation to provide it to you. Once you have Employee Self Service access on N3, you will then need a separate ESR internet User Name and Password which you can set up from the Employee Self Service access using the new Request Internet Access menu. Once you have this set up you are able to use these to log-in via If you already have e-Learning access in ESR and have previously set up Remote Access via your e-Learning access then you can use this to access Employee Self Service from the internet in addition to your e-Learning (once you have been provided Employee Self Service by your organisation).
When setting up a password, is there a prompt to advise people what the rules are? When setting a password if the user does not meet the password policy rules, a message will be displayed on screen advising them of this. On the main ESR login page a link will be provided to show a user what the password policy rules are.
What do I do if I have forgotten my User Name or Password or I lock my account whilst using internet access? Currently you can only request to reset your internet password from within your N3 access. This is done from the Request Internet Access menu option of your Employee or e-Learning URP - where your User name is displayed for reference - and you can submit a request to reset your internet access password from here. In a future release you will be able to request a reset of your internet password from an internet connection. Please note that this process will use the email address allocated to your ESR Person Record which is recommended to be your work e-mail address.
What happens when my password expires for internet access? A process to ensure that internet passwords expire after 90 days will be introduced to ESR in the near future. To ensure that you can continue to access ESR on the internet, this release of functionality will also include the ability to reset a password from your internet access
Can I access ESR from the internet when I am on holiday abroad? No. ESR on the internet is only available from a connection within the UK.
I cannot open my payslip or Talent Summary…… You will need a PDF reader to be able to do this. We recommend that you install Adobe Acrobat for this purpose.
How do I print my payslip? You can print from the PDF or alternatively print screen.
My TRS is not available… TRS has not been enabled for Internet Access from ESR in this release but can still be accessed using ESS via your current N3 login.
I use a Smartcard at my workplace, do I need one for this. You will continue to use your Smartcard for access to ESR and e- Learning from your place of work via the NHS N3 network. You will have a new log-in and password for accessing ESR via the internet away from the workplace.
How long is the timeout? The inactivity time out will be set at 10 minutes to ensure your data remains secure.
How secure is my information on the Internet? The security of your personal data is extremely important. We have undertaken risk management assessments to industry (ISO) standards and penetration testing was undertaken by an independent third party. As a result, stronger password rules have been introduced. You also contribute substantially to the security of your own data by following best practice for protection of your own user name and password and by ensuring the devices you access the new service from are devices you know and trust.