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Healthy Child Programme Frequently Asked Questions

The Healthy Child Programme is designed to meet the training needs for the range of healthcare professionals involved in the delivery of the Healthy Child Programme (0-5 years). 

We have worked with the team at e-Learning for Healthcare and the Healthy Child Programme to produce a FAQ document designed to help organisations understand the range of content available and how best to access the material. 

For Employees within the NHS in England, who have an ESR record, the e-Learning is provided free of charge and is accessible to all.

Top 20 Organisations

Find out the top organisations that are using e-Learning in ESR! Click the below link to view the report:

Top 20 Organisations using e-Learning in ESR

This report shows the percentage of the workforce that have successfully completed at least one (national or local) e-Learning course within the previous 3 months to the month shown above. The report is updated on a monthly basis.

New National Courses

Get the latest information on new national e-Learning courses here. Click the below link to view a report of the newest 20 national e-Learning courses that have been released into ESR:

New National e-Learning Courses in ESR

This report shows the 20 newest courses released into ESR. Data provided includes: Course name, Course Provider, and release date. The report is updated on a monthly basis.