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Electronic Fetal Monitoring

eFM is a comprehensive web-based resource developed by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the Royal College of Midwives in partnership with e-Learning for Healthcare. eFM is split into three sections:

  • A knowledge-based, interactive tutorial section.
  • An assessment section which formally tests what knowledge the learner has acquired from the knowledge-based sessions. Note: Each case study has an intrinsic assessment of the learners skill at CTG interpretation and subsequent management.
  • A case study section which allows the learner to practise their skills at interpretation of an actual fetal heart rate recording, and the subsequent management in a virtual labour ward setting. The challenging nature of the content, including the interpretation of cardiotocographs and subsequent appropriate management, will provide learners with valuable knowledge that does not currently exist in other resources.

The project contains the below courses, all of which are available via ESR:

  • 000 Intrapartum Fetal Monitoring 01 Background and Practical Issues
  • 000 Intrapartum Fetal Monitoring 02 Care in Normal Labour
  • 000 Intrapartum Fetal Monitoring 03 Normal and Non-normal CTGs
  • 000 Intrapartum Fetal Monitoring 04 Management Issues
  • 000 Intrapartum Fetal Monitoring 05 Education and Governance
  • 000 Intrapartum Fetal Monitoring 06 Assessments
  • 000 Intrapartum Fetal Monitoring 07 Case Studies - Level 1
  • 000 Intrapartum Fetal Monitoring 08 Case Studies - Level 2
  • 000 Intrapartum Fetal Monitoring 09 Case Studies - Level 3


How do I access it?

If you already have access to ESR, search for any of the above courses using the e-Learning User URP. Not sure how to do this? Instructions are available here.

If you don't already have access to ESR, find out who you should contact to gain access by clicking here