Expenses using ESR


The ESR Programme offers NHS organisations access to electronic expenses at no additional usage cost to its users.

As part of the agreements with suppliers Allocate Software and Giltbyte, NHS employees can create travel and subsistence claims via ESR, and transfer to payroll for processing.

Two expenses options are available as part of the ESR solution.

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“An E-Expenses solution is an essential enhancement to ESR for the correct payment of mileage ensuring accuracy of journeys and the application of NHS and Local terms and conditions of service. As well as meeting the complicated requirements for HMRC compliance, the system must be able to record Duty of Care information, fulfil the legal obligations and deliver efficiency savings at a time of increasing pressure on NHS finances. Using the latest technology, including GPS to make claims the E-Expenses systems being made available in ESR will help reduce fraudulent claims and streamline processes."

Sue Childerstone, Chair, Payroll & Pensions NSIG

  • Enable NHS Organisations to make efficiency savings by removing time consuming back office processes for NHS payroll teams.
  • Saves time
    • Expenses are processed much quicker
    • Automation of time consuming back office processes
    • Real time status of employee claim status
    • The use of the bi-directional data flow to ESR saves time and ensures accuracy
  • Ensures accuracy
    • Removes the manual process of inputting submission forms which removes the occurrence of manual errors
    • Removes duplication of claim submissions
  • Provides a comprehensive audit trail which supports NHS Corporate Accountability and also helps prevent fraudulent claims
  • Automated workflow notifications enable rapid claim status updates
  • Reporting functionality allows for better management and control of staff expenses and can identify claim patterns
  • Ensures compliance with NHS specific criteria including vehicle registration and NHS specific expense categories
  • Provides post code recognition for calculation of mileage
  • Allows receipt images/details to be recorded
  • Web based solution means access from any device at any time
  • Ensures expenses policy is adhered to, reducing the time spent checking each claim

To help User Organisations understand both solutions being made available via ESR, the table below summarises the functionality that both solutions offer:

Functionality already availableAllocate SoftwareGiltbyte
System available via the internet
Post Code recognition for journey lengths
Workflow based approvals for budget holder and/or payroll department
Supports standard NHS and local terms and conditions
Capability to record receipt images and/or receipt details
Interfaced with ESR



Functionality planned for future delivery in line with new ESR User PortalAllocate SoftwareGiltbyte
Single Sign On (SSO) via the ESR User Portal DVLA
Expense workflow messages visible in the ESR User Portal
Integration with the DVLA for vehicle and driver licence checks (subject to approvals from the DVLA)

Both Allocate Software and Giltbyte systems offer an efficient and interfaced expenses system with ESR, and when commissioned via the ESR Programme, are provided at no license or usage recharge to NHS organisations. Implementation will also be supported, to specific levels, by the respective expenses provider, although local project resource and/or IT changes would remain the responsibility of each NHS organisation to provide.

A formal sign up process has been developed to ensure that all appropriate approvals are in place within your Organisation before implementation begins.

  1. Once the ESR User Organisation has chosen their expenses supplier, they will need to raise a call (SR) through the ESR Service Desk
  2. A pro-forma will then be sent to the Organisation for completion, requesting details such as:

    1. Project lead (name and contact details)
    2. Expected transaction volumes
    3. Indication of preferred timeframes for implementation

  3. When all the required details on the pro forma have been captured and the necessary commercial processes are completed, the ESR Programme Team  will begin engagement with the chosen expenses provider
  4. A representative from the chosen supplier  will then make direct contact with the User Organisation to arrange a project commencement meeting and share the Project Initiation Document (PID)
  5. All parties (the User Organisation, the expenses supplier, as well as the ESR team) are required to sign up to the PID
  6. The PID contains details of the readiness milestones that must be achieved before implementation is deemed as complete. They include:

    1. Project initiation
    2. Data collection and validation
    3. System set up and testing
    4. System administrator training and end user training
    5. Testing of interface extracts
    6. Two cycles of live pay extracts and processing
    7. Project implementation sign off and handover to formal support 

Useful links

For more information on the expenses solutions offered by Allocate Software and Giltbyte, please see the contact details below.


Contact: Graham Swinton

Tel: 01303 720050

Email: Expenses@Giltbyte.com

Website: http://giltbyte.com/expenses




Allocate Software

Contact: Paula Wood -  National Manager eExpenses

Telephone: 02073555462 / 07834104741

Email: expenses@allocatesoftware.com

Website: www.allocatesoftware.com/e-expenses/

Allocate Software