Core HR


The HR module is at the heart of ESR because it contains all the core employee information used by other components of the system

The HR module covers the three scenarios of HR Management: new joiners, changes and leavers. The information held includes employee personal details (name, address, emergency contacts, equal opportunities  data, competencies, registrations and memberships, qualifications etc.) and “Assignment” information (grade, post, contracted hours, place of work, salary etc.). Three levels of user access ensure the privacy of this information. 

Data maintained by the HR functionality is available to all other components of ESR

  • This eliminates multiple data entry that is prone to error and causes much time to be wasted.

Three levels of access control the security of this sensitive information

  • HR Management - Allows broad access but in a “view only” mode.
  • HR Administration - Allows full read and write capability for HR-related employment details. Restrictions apply to payroll information that can only be accessed or changed by designated Payroll staff. 
  • HR Data Entry - This is a limited subset of the HR Administration level that has further limits on the data that can be viewed or changed.

All of the six mandatory NHS checks can be recorded and monitored

  • Verification of Identity
  • Employment History and references
  • Criminal Records and Barring checks
  • Right to work
  • Occupational Health checks
  • Professional Registrations/ Qualifications

The Integrated Identity Management process to control access to the NHS CRS is linked via a specific HR User Responsibility Profile

  • Logic is applied to ensure that changes to an employee’s assignment status controls their access to clinical systems where applicable. 

Core HR

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