Data Warehouse


Because ESR is an integrated, national system, it allows statistics to be collated at a level and to a depth never before possible.

Prior to the implementation of ESR multiple outdated and fragmented systems which were unable to provide accurate, timely and consistent information about the NHS workforce for national and regional analysis existed.

Key data from ESR is now routinely extracted into a separate database called the Data Warehouse.

Workforce statistics can now be directly reported or derived from the Data Warehouse that cover the whole of the NHS in England and Wales* at national, regional and organisational level. For the first time, accurate, reliable information about workforce numbers, skills and costs are available, enabling the monitoring of current and historic data plus the modelling of future staffing requirements. This facilitates better, more informed decision-making with regard to the NHS’s greatest resource – its people.

* Excluding two NHS Foundation Trusts in England

Greater consistency of information across all NHS organisations

  • The NHS Information Centre for Health & Social Care enable benchmarking of core Workforce data via the ‘iView’ system and publish monthly statistical analyses both of which use data sourced from the Data Warehouse
  • Users of the Data Warehouse are able to access the same source data using consistently defined calculations and parameters and in the knowledge this data is compliant with the NHS’ National Workforce Dataset
  • Access at national and regional level to a single database designed to meet central and regional requirements for strategic workforce analysis and planning
  • Improved accuracy, timeliness and consistency of data, and provision of a rich information source for a wide variety of standard and ad hoc reports
  • The ability to accurately model and cost future workforce requirements using integrated HR and Payroll data
  • Reduction of the effort needed by Trusts to produce workforce-related data. For example data for the Medical and Non-Medical Workforce Census reports are now drawn directly from the Data Warehouse rather than relying on data being submitted by each organisation. 

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