ESR Absence Management


ESR allows staff absence to be recorded, monitored and managed at local, regional and national levels, while all the associated payments and entitlements are processed automatically.

Recording, monitoring and managing the times when your staff are away from work – including sickness, annual leave, special leave and maternity with ESR means every aspect of the calculation of entitlements and payment to employees is processed automatically, while minimising the amount of data entry needed.

A wide range of standard reports enables local monitoring of absence by individual, staff classification or organisational hierarchy; and for those with access to the ESR Data Warehouse, by staff classification organisational, regional and national levels. 

Absence analysis

  • At staff group, organisation, regional and national level via the ESR Data Warehouse.
  • ESR ensures that the NHS has a consistent absence monitoring benchmark as all organisations report in the same way.
  • Consistency in the information recorded by ESR enables meaningful comparisons between different NHS organisations, thereby promoting research into successful methods of reducing preventable absence.

Recording all categories of absences

  • The flexibility to record absences either centrally using the core system or devolved to managers and employees using self service functionality, the devolved process minimises the amount of administration and paperwork, and ensures the entry of data in a timely fashion.
  • Interfaces with third party Time and Attendance Systems
  • Mandates the recording of a Sickness Absence Reason using the nationally agreed level 1 values, with optional use of level 2 values if desired. The Sickness Absence Reason values reflect the Institute of Occupational Medicine's classifications providing a comprehensive and robust set of values.
  • Ability to record absences related to DH Monitoring such as influenza pandemics.



Managing of entitlements

  • Occupational Sick Pay.The national scheme and any locally-agreed schemes.
  • Statutory Sick Pay.
  • Occupational Maternity Pay.The national scheme and any locally-agreed schemes.
  • Statutory Maternity Pay.
  • Annual Leave (self service enables employees to request and managers to approve/decline annual leave requests)

Full integration

  • With payroll functionality for payment of calculated entitlements including data transferred through the Inter Authority Transfer Process (IAT).

Local absence management reports, including:

  • Analysis of estimated costs of absence.
  • Identifies staff that have been referred to Occupational Health for sickness related absences
  • Identifies where return to work interviews have been undertaken.
  • Detailed absence record by individual, staff group or hierarchy structure.
  • Half pay-nil pay.
  • Bradford Factor for highlighting frequent short periods of sickness absence.

Absence Management

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