Interface Catalogue

General Ledger (GL)

The General Ledger (GL) Interface contains the financial costings for each pay period. A standard format output (Source) file produced in ESR after the payroll process has completed, is passed to the NHS Interface Hub and converted into a GL Interface (Target) file specifically designed for the Ledger system choice of the NHS Organisation.

Professional Bodies (GMC & NMC)

The Professional Bodies Interface for the General Medical Council (GMC) and the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) is an Inbound Interface from the Professional Body 3rd Party solution to ESR providing information to update the Professional Registration details of their members. This interface runs daily and updates details of Registrations and Memberships only, and does not change other person details such as names.

NHS Pension & File Manager

The NHS Pension Interface is a bi-directional interface between ESR and the NHS Pension Agency (NHSPA).
The Outbound interface from ESR to NHSPA includes New Starters, Leavers and any changes for the NHS Employees currently on the NHS Pension Scheme. The New Starters information is provided on a weekly basis; with the Leavers and Changes information available on a daily basis.
The Inbound Interface from NHSPA to ESR is provided on a daily overnight schedule. This provides ESR with a reconciliation process and where Pension information is to be updated in ESR, notifications are provided to the NHS Organisation Pension officer.
The NHS Pension File Manager provides access to the secure NHS Hub for a NHS Organisation to download Pension files including updates, changes and year end files. Total Reward Statement (TRS) reports are also directed to the secure NHS Hub.

Occupational Health

The Occupational Health Interface is an outbound interface from ESR to 3rd Party Occupational Health solutions providing details of all assignments that have been active during the period between the previous interface and the current interface being produced, and other data items that are likely to be of most use in supporting the Occupational Health business functions.

Generic Outbound Extracts

The Generic Outbound Extracts Interface produces a set of standard interfaces that can be used by popular 3rd Party solutions. These interfaces are available on a daily basis and contain information from ESR as at close of business the previous day.
These interfaces include:
  • Generic Rostering Outbound
  • Generic Active Directory Outbound
  • Generic Expenses Outbound
A Generic Outbound Extract Interface can also be tailored to produce Bespoke Interfaces to meet the needs of a NHS Organisations or a 3rd Party solution.
Requests for the use of an ESR Outbound Interface are subject to approval by the NHS ESR Central Team before any implementation will commence.

Standard Generic Outbound - Retrofit

The Standard Generic Outbound Retrofit Interface is an outbound interface from ESR for use in a variety of 3rd Party solutions such as network management, T&A and e-rostering systems. The Standard Generic Outbound Retrofit provides Employee and Assignment Numbers, Names, Addresses and other data items that are likely to be of most use in supporting the NHS Organisation business functions.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Interface is a bi-directional interface between ESR and the DBS 3rd Party solutions.
The interface supports two vital business functions for NHS Employing Authorities, which in turn help them to meet some of the key Francis’ Report recommendations:
  • allows ESR Users to monitor an individual’s DBS Certificate (where permission has been granted) through the DBS Update Service
  • enables users to initiate the DBS Referral process via ESR – where an individual has posed a safeguarding concern

RPP (Smartcard /
User Identity Manager UIM)

The RPP Interface is a bi-directional interface developed to support Integrated Identity Management (IIM). The interface allows HR and RA functions to be combined and managed by ESR, by linking personal records and access rights between ESR and the NHS CRS spine system. The use of the interface avoids duplication of changes to both records / systems this improving Data Governance.

ACCEA (Advisory Committee
on Clinical Excellence Awards)

An outbound interface from ESR to the Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA) extracts details of all Consultants enabling ACCEA to validate their data against that held in ESR.
By having more accurate data, ACCEA are better able to track the consultants and the ‘Clinical Excellence Awards’ that they receive or are entitled to receive.

Streamlined Junior Doctor Interface

The Streamlined Junior Doctor interface is a bi-directional interface exchanging recruitment and appointment Junior Doctor Data between ESR and Local Education and Training Boards (LETB’s).
The Inbound Interface from the LETB’s 3rd Party solution shares at the pre hire or ‘applicant’ stage, information about a Junior Doctor including the appropriate employing authority.
Once the employing authority has made a change to the Junior Doctor’s information in ESR, such as updating their address, this information is returned in an Outbound Interface to the LETB’s 3rd Party solution as an ‘update’ to their record.


The e-Recruitment Interface is a bi-directional interface exchanging recruitment information between ESR and 3rd Party e-Recruitment solutions.
The Outbound Interface from ESR to the 3rd Party e-Recruitment solution provides outbound vacancy details.
The Inbound Interface from the e-Recruitment solution to ESR provides applicant details. Upon receipt of the Inbound Interface, ESR returns a confirmation file to the e-Recruitment solution confirming the applicant details have been processed in ESR.
Where the import fails, ESR will provide appropriate error messages in the confirmation file.