Local Reports

ESR Reports enable processes to be monitored and for management to be empowered with focused and accurate statistics


ESR can produce reports at a local level, drawing on information that is only relevant to a single NHS organisation. They include process reports (e.g. payroll exceptions) and management statistics (e.g. labour turnover).

There are over 250 specially built, tuned and supported reports in ESR. Organisations can easily design their own ‘ad-hoc’ reports that can be shared with specific organisations, or made public nationally using a tool called Discoverer.

Information is also collated nationally in the Data Warehouse. Statistics can be drawn or derived from the Data Warehouse that cover the whole of the NHS nationwide – eventually including the entire 1.4 million-strong workforce. The Data Warehouse is described in another factsheet in this series.

What it looks like

Reports are grouped into Business Areas, including:

  • Absence Management
  • Education and Training
  • Finance Reporting
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll
  • Recruitment
  • Talent Management

One or more Workbooks define the reports that cover the different elements of each Business Area – for example, Human Resources includes workbooks covering starters, leavers, and an organisational profile. Each workbook includes one or more worksheets – for example, the ‘NHS Leavers Analysis’ workbook includes worksheets that analyse leavers in relation to equal opportunities, length of service and leaving reason.

Discoverer enables a user to set parameters for each worksheet that enable a focus on the specific data required.  For example, the parameters may restrict the information to a particular staff group or to certain dates.

Setting Report Parameters

Example Report

Example Education Report

Further Information

Further information can be obtained from the links below:

ESR User Manual (N3 Only)