Occupational Health


ESR enables occupational health information related to immunisations, checks and incidents for NHS staff to be recorded and monitored in order to manage the health clearance process for employees.

ESR allows medical assessments, immunisations and checks to be recorded, monitored, managed and reported upon at a local level. 

Third Party Occupational Health systems can link with ESR through a Bi-directional Interface.  

Up to date information relating to immunisations, checks and OH incidents can be securely transferred to future employers on request using the unique Inter Authority Transfer (IAT) process as part of the pre-employment process.

The IAT process is able to transfer the pre hire dataset to the NHS organisation that the employee is moving to securely in advance of their hire date, so aiding the employment check process

  • This ensures that staff are able to commence their employment without delay and that time and money is not directed towards undertaking tests and vaccinations that have already been undertaken

Integrates OH clearance check status with existing ESR HR functionality as HR is able to view non sensitive data related to occupational health clearance in respect of the mandatory employment check for health clearance

  • Enabling HR to work in line with OH teams

Enables a notification to be sent to HR as soon as the person’s medical clearance date is entered into the occupational health module

  • The notification identifies whether clearance has been given or not and whether there are any conditions attached to their clearance e.g. lifting and handling restrictions
  • Maintains information on immunisations, checks, OH incidents and medical assessments undertaken
  • Enables Occupational Health Advisors to view details related to the person’s position and application details
  • Enables NHS organisations to manage all aspects of the medical clearance process
  • The Bi directional interface enables current immunisations, tests and clearance information from third party occupational health systems to flow into ESR ensuring up to date information is held against the employee
  • A number of standard reports enables occupational health advisors to track and monitor immunisations and checks information and arrange for recall appointments

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