ESR manages the entire recruitment process – from the identification of the initial vacancy, through the selection of suitable applicants, to an offer being made to the successful candidate.

The data that is captured during this process creates and builds the Employee Record, so this information never needs to be entered again.


Integrates with the online NHS Jobs service already in use in 95% of NHS organisations and with other e-Recruitment systems.

  • Vacancies can be transferred from ESR to the e-Recruitment system and subsequently to the internet. Applicants can be short-listed in the e-Recruitment system and their details then transferred to ESR.

Enables single data entry.

  • Applicant data is built up throughout the recruitment process and forms the basis of the employee record.  In the event of staff transferring between different NHS organisations, their employment record is instantly available to the new employer, thus reducing overheads and promoting the idea that staff are a part of the ‘NHS family’ wherever they work.

Provides a comprehensive reporting suite.

  • This supports both the recruiting process (e.g. vacancy list reports and applicant status reports), and the mandatory monitoring of applicants (e.g. equal opportunities).

Links the establishment of posts to the organisational hierarchy

(see the Work Structures factsheet in this series for more about this)

  • Tracks advertising costs, allowing the selection of the most cost-effective and efficient recruitment methods.>
  • Integrated with the Streamlined Junior Doctor Interface to facilitate the junior doctors in training rotation programmes


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