Self Service (New Style)


ESRs self service capabilities enable any staff member to access the system through a simple browser-based interface.

Little or no training or support is needed to use these intuitive facilities. ESR can also be locally configured to enable the automatic creation of user accounts for Employee self service as part of the hire process. The flexible approach means that user responsibility profiles can be issued to meet organisational needs, making it even easier to allocate functionality to the workforce.

All employees have the ability to view and update their personal information, such as emergency contacts and bank details. They can also view payslips, request annual leave, participate in a Development Review, browse learning opportunities and request enrolment on courses.

Managers have access to additional functionality and controls. For example, approving employee requests maintaining assignment information (with the correct access) and maintaining personal information. A Workflow system is used to route actions from one staff member to another.

Empowerment of managers to undertake or approve actions relating to their departments or staff base

  • View, report and manage key areas such as absence, turnover, training spend, competencies
  • Business Intelligence reporting provides key information on staff
  • Compliance Matrix utilising red, amber, green status to view staff compliance at a glance
  • Colour co-ordinated absence calendar to identify absence patterns and view all staff absences
  • Manage the career path of an employee via learning paths, qualifications, competencies and development reviews.
  • Communicate electronically, rather than using paper based forms, with central HR and Payroll functions.

Empower Employees to view, access and amend their own data with appropriate security and approval rules

  • View and amend certain data fields (personal address, phone number, next of kin, bank details).
  • View current and recent history of payslips.
  • View online P60s
  • View Total Reward Statements
  • Access and control their personal development plan.
  • View course availability and request to managers for enrolment.
  • Contribute to and view their development review.
  • Take responsibility for ensuring they have up to date compliance using the competence requirements search on the Learner Homepage
  • Improvement of the employee experience using Self Service as an enabling mechanism for control of and access to information.
  • Apply for and manage their leave, including a personalised view of the absence calendar 




Data is entered once at the closest point to its source ensuring information is accurate and up to date

  • Reduction in checking and administrative overheads. With information entered at source
  • Elimination of duplication of input and therefore of time and effort.
  • Reduction or removal of the need for paper based forms by having data entered at point of source.
  • Flow of information is streamlined, made consistent and delivery is instant (no reliance on internal mail systems or couriers to send forms to central departments for input).
  • Improved and quicker decision making ability because information is immediately available to managers.
  • Devolved data entry frees time in central functions such Payroll, HR, Training and Recruitment, allowing a reduction in resource requirements and freeing up time from administrative duties to allow other more pro-active work to be undertaken.
  • Reduction in pay related queries due to the ability of managers and employees to access and control data. 

Self Service

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