Streamlined Junior Doctor Interface


The Streamlined Junior Doctor Interface is the technical link which enables NHS organisations and their partner LETBs, to share information about Junior Doctors (medical trainees) and their training posts.

This process enables position information established in ESR, to be supplied to the LETB System, which in turn will permit medical trainee information to be passed back into ESR for the next rotation/appointment, creating an applicant record in the employing authority.

Organisations can choose to run the interface in one of two modes, to support the requirements of the LETBs and associated NHS organisations. These are 'Part Records' and 'Full Records' mode.

‘Part Records’ mode will allow the flow of medical trainee rotations and appointments out of their system into ESR to the appropriate trust, but will not permit ESR updates to be applied back in the local LETB system.

‘Full Records’ mode also includes any changes captured in ESR about the trainee to be automatically passed back to the LETB system keeping records in sync with each other and ensuring that up to date information is then passed on to future employers.


When run in 'Part Records' mode, the Streamlined Junior Doctor Interface benefits include:

  • Enables a full trainee dataset to be populated in ESR using the Inter Authority Transfer functionality;
  • Enables the LETB to provide rotation information within the minimum twelve weeks’ notice;
  • Improves the internal transfer process, where a trainee moves post, but stays with the same employer. The assignment is simply updated in ESR with the new post details.
  • Once the initial set up is complete, operating the interface is low impact for NHS Trusts and LETBs. 

When run in 'Full Records' mode the Streamlined Junior Doctor Interface process benefits include:

  • Reduces the administrative burden for the LETB in updating trainee information;
  • Improves data consistency and the potential for improvements in data quality across the two systems;
  • Supports consistent local and national reporting via the ESR Local Reporting Solution, the ESR Data Warehouse and also LETB system reports.

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