ESR Interface to CIS

Implementing the ESR Interface to CIS

The scope of implementing Integrated Identity Management and the ESR interface to CIS is defined by the following separate but related workstreams:

  • Position Based Access Control and Position Mapping
    For more information refer to the 'Position Based Access Control (PBAC)toolkit.
  • Integration between HR, RA and Wider Business Processes (Optional)
    The interface functionality will require changes to existing HR and RA working practices (Starters, Leavers, Changes). Please email to request a template to develop a new HR/RA Registration Process Policy.
  • Care Identity Service (CIS)
    Further information regarding the implementation  and support of CIS, Smartcard and Regional Authority (RA) activities is available within the 'HSCIC Registration Authorities and Smartcards webpage.
  • ESR Interface to CIS Implementation and Deployment
    Further information regarding the implementation of the ESR interface to CIS is available within the 'ESR-NHS0185 ESR Interface to UIM Implementation Approach Guide'.
  • Deployment Assessment
    Following the activation of the interface organisations are required to complete the ESR-NHS0188 ESR Interface to UIM: Deployment Assessment .
  • Benefits Calculator
    In order to realise core benefit from the IIM Project organisations are encouraged to key certain metrics into a Benefits Calculator after implementing the ESR Interface to CIS. The Benefits Calculator is here.

Further details regarding IIM / CIS and the implementation of the ESR interface to CIS are available via the IIM Initiation Guide. Please direct queries in relation to the interface to

-          Captivate e-learning training material relevant to the activation of the ESR interface to UIM is available here.