Talent Management


The Talent Management functionality of ESR provides a complete capability to manage and monitor the careers of your employees.

ESR maintains the competencies, qualifications and experience of each staff member and manages their development reviews and training.   Employee competencies are maintained within defined national and local frameworks.

A comprehensive suite of reports allows the status of development reviews to be monitored, as well as showing the status of competencies and qualifications at local, regional or national level.

Managers and Employees can have access to their competency profile, qualifications and training record

  • Enabling up to date information to be available for local reporting and analysis of training needs.

Complete integration between the ESR’s Learning Management facilities (see the Oracle Learning Management factsheet in this series) and the employee record

  • Enabling updates to individual training and competency records to be maintained easily.

Local and national competence frameworks

  • Including Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF), National Occupational Standards (NOS), National Workforce Competencies (NWC), Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) and an agreed set of Statutory and Mandatory competence labels are built in, and an employee’s position within these is automatically maintained.
  • Each framework is related to an employee’s training record, competency profile and post requirements. 

ESR provides a comprehensive reporting suite

  • This allows managers to ensure that the staff development and review process is being maintained, and provides statutory statistical information.
  • Every employee’s qualifications can be maintained, including A-Level, degree and post-graduate qualifications as well as QCF information



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