Data Warehouse

Being an integrated, NHS-wide system, ESR enables the analysis of workforce data to a breadth and depth never before possible in the NHS. For regional and national level users this reporting capability is enabled via the Data Warehouse.

A broad selection of data from ESR is routinely extracted into a separate database called the Data Warehouse. Prior to the implementation of ESR the use of multiple systems, fragmented and often outdated, made it practically impossible to produce accurate, timely and consistent information about the NHS workforce for regional and national analysis.

Workforce data for the NHS throughout England and Wales (excluding two Trusts in England) is directly reported from the Data Warehouse with either detailed or aggregated outputs at national, regional and organisational level. Consistently defined information about workforce numbers, skills and costs are available for analysis. Users have the ability to report on current data and a growing historical record of the NHS workforce thereby enabling more informed strategic decision-making with regard to the NHS’s greatest resource – its people.


  • Greater consistency of information across NHS organisations.
  • Access at regional and national level to a single database designed to meet national and regional requirements for strategic workforce analysis, monitoring and planning.
  • Improved accuracy, timeliness and consistency of data.
  • Provision of a rich data source enabling a wide variety of standard and ad hoc reports.
  • The ability to model and cost your future workforce using integrated HR and Payroll data.
  • Reduce the burden on you to produce and submit workforce-related data.