Inter Authority Transfer

IAT is an automated process that removes the manual procedures associated with NHS Staff Transfer Forms and reduces the data entry needed following the appointment of staff from other NHS Trusts.  The IAT process revolves around each employee’s Portable Data Set (PDS) which will accompany an individual from one NHS organisation to another.

New for December 2018!  

IAT Webinars designed specifically for HR and Recruitment Teams in the NHS.  
Learn more about the IAT functionality, the process, what's new and what's coming in Release 41 (end of December 2018). 

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  • Removes the completion and mailing of paper Staff Transfer Forms between NHS Organisations.
  • Reduces the staff transfer processing costs at Organisation level by automation of the process.
  • Reduces the time delay in obtaining current NHS staff information following transfers.
  • Improves the range and quality of data transferred between NHS Organisations.
  • Facilitates the earlier production of Contracts of Employment as a result of more timely and accurate data transfer.
  • Securely transfers immunisations and vaccination checks data at the pre-employment stage to Occupational Health Advisors.
  • Transfers pre hire data related to National Statutory and Mandatory competencies and establishes if these match the competency requirements of their new position, aiding induction programmes and removing duplicated costs.
  • Assists in paying staff correctly from commencement of employment reducing the need for retrospective corrections.
  • Enables the standard NHS Employers Reference to be sent to an applicant’s previous employer.