Junior Doctor Interface

The Streamlined ESR and Junior Doctor Interface operates between the ESR solution and the Health Education England (HEE) Local Office/Deanery systems. The Interface enables information about Junior Doctors to be shared across the HEE Local Office/Deanery and ESR.


The benefits derived from the Streamlined ESR and Junior Doctor Interface process are extensive to both NHS Employer organisations and all NHS organisations wishing to utilise the link. These are as follows:

  • Reduces the administrative burden of entering and transferring recruitment and updated employee data for the NHS Trust and Junior Doctor personnel;
  • Facilitates the sharing of information for Medical Trainees with both ‘lead’ and ‘host’ employers;
  • Employers are aware of the incoming and outgoing junior doctor much quicker (both for rotations and for recruitment);
  • Enables preparatory employment checks to be undertaken in a more efficient and speedier manner, such as the early running of the pre-employment IAT process;
  • Improved data consistency and potential improvements on data quality within both ESR and the HEE Local Office/Deanery Systems;
  • Supports consistent local and national reporting – via the ESR Local Reporting Solution, the ESR Data Warehouse, and also HEE Local Office/Deanery System reports;
  • By removing the need to complete the same new starter information each time a Junior Doctor rotates to a new employing Trust each Junior Doctor can focus on their training and not have the burden of multiple form filling;

The transfer of the competencies can be carried out via the IAT functionality and the ‘Statutory and Mandatory’ role holder, enabling core and essential training to be transferred with the trainee as they rotate from Trust to Trust.