Occupational Health

The ESR Occupational Health (OH) module accommodates the recording of immunisations and checks and occupational health clearance for NHS employees. Once captured in ESR, the immunisations and checks transfer from one NHS employer to another via the pre-employment Inter-Authority Transfer process. This gives portability to the information and negates the need for NHS organisations to carry out duplicate inoculations or checks for NHS employees who move around the National Health Service.

Many organisations use a third party Occupational Health system to manage their Occupational Health processes. The functionality of these systems goes beyond the scope ESR's capability and so these organisations are unable to use ESR to manage their end to end OH processes in isolation. To ensure the seamless flow of pre-employment data the Occupational Health Clearance interface enables the two systems to share employee, OH Clearance and Immunisation information.


The benefits of using the Occupational Health Interface in collaboration with the IAT process are as follows:

  • Availability: Occupational Health clearance data is available to HR and Recruitment Teams prior to employment;
  • Quality improvements: Starter, leaver and OH Clearance information is transferred electronically therefore reducing data entry time and improving data quality;
  • Streamlining: The electronic transfer of immunisation information reduces the necessity to repeat immunisation/vaccination checks, thereby reducing costs to NHS organisations, improving the working lives of staff, streamlining and speeding up the recruitment process;
  • Safety Improvements: Portable data that is accurate, up to date and readily available, improves patient safety, streamlines the recruitment process, and improves the working lives of staff.