Oracle Learning Management

Oracle Learning Management

ESR enables the learning and development of NHS staff at all levels to be provided, monitored and managed


The Oracle Learning Management (OLM) component of ESR enables comprehensive control over all the activities associated with the learning and development of NHS staff. This includes the administration of available learning e.g. classroom based and e-Learning courses, and the recording and monitoring of learning achieved or in progress for individuals. Learning can be linked to national competence frameworks, so that attainment of, and progress towards those competencies can be updated and monitored. The use of national mandatory competencies can help facilitate a reduction in training staff are required to complete when transferred using the Inter Authority Transfer (IAT) process).


  • OLM supports a blended approach to learning with organisations able to offer, in one place, e-Learning and classroom based learning.
  • Free nationally approved, quality assured and centrally maintained e-Learning content as well as access to locally procured or created e-Learning available to play on PCs and mobile devices.
  • Associate competencies with learning to automatically enroll employees onto learning and update their employee records on successful completion.
  • Customisable e-mails delivered to staff at key stages in a learning event.
  • Automatic notifications to remind staff and managers when learning needs to be renewed.    Certifications enable staff to view the status of their compliance based learning and see if and when it needs to be renewed.E
  • Evaluations to record learner’s views of learning undertaken to support continuous development and improvement in the learning offered.
  • Learning paths provide personalised and targeted learning for groups of staff or individuals, created centrally, using self service or as part of the appraisal process.
  • National competence frameworks including the Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF), Care Certificate Framework (CCF) and an agreed set of  Statutory and Mandatory competence labels (MAND) to support monitoring of compliance levels against statutory and mandatory training.
  • Reduction in staff undertaking unnecessary duplicate learning when transferred using the Inter Authority Transfer (IAT) process.
  • Reports enable the demonstration of achievement and compliance for all staff within the organisation.
  • Creation of tests to assess learner understanding, providing valuable feedback on whether business goals and workforce objectives are being served