ESR automates every aspect of the payment of staff, and is fully integrated with the HR functionality in order to save time and eliminate errors.

ESR holds all the information needed to produce accurate and timely payments to staff. This includes personal details that are shared with the HR functionality of the system so that there is no duplication of information. Other data specific to pay is added, such as tax and National Insurance details, allowances and deductions, and pension arrangements. ESR holds all the relevant pay grades and rates for allowances and deductions allowing NHS organisations local flexibility.

A particular feature is Date Tracking whereby the entire payment history for each staff member can be amended in the past or into the future. This enables back-dated or post-dated changes to be implemented very simply and quickly, and in the former case, for back-dated payments to be made automatically using the Retro Pay feature.

The reporting module allows control and audit of all aspects of the payroll process, and produces the mandatory information required for all relevant internal and external bodies.

Payroll processing within ESR requires that all due processes and reports are run in a given order to ensure that payrolls are processed accurately and on time; with this in mind the Payroll Best Practice Guide has been developed. 


  • ESR holds the full range of Agenda for Change and Medical and Dental rates of pay and allowances, together with a full set of national deductions elements.
  • The Date Track facility enables the calculation of future-dated and backdated changes.
  • The Retro Pay facility enables arrears dating back over any period to be cleared within the normal payroll cycle.
  • Interfaces with third party Time and Attendance Systems and travel expenses systems.
  • Flexibility over input of time sheet information – Batch Input facilities or Web ADI to allow mass input of data.
  • Full suite of Interfaces with NHS Pensions for New Joiners, Leavers, Changes and Year-End.
  • Inbound and outbound EDI interfaces with HMRC enabling Real Time reporting.
  • Facility to hold both default and alternative pension schemes for Auto Enrolment purposes.
  • The Quick Pay facility enables an on-screen “gross to net” calculation for any employee, for example to preview the effect of any change to rates or circumstances.
  • The Retry facility allows for the recalculation of payments to individuals rather than a full re-run of the payroll – which reduces the number of queries and need for supplementary payments.
  • Four levels of security control access to payroll information and facilities.