ESR Reports enable processes to be monitored and empower management with focused and accurate statistics.

ESR reports offer detailed business insight for managers to monitor their teams while directors and senior managers get an effective overview of the entire organisation, allowing them to plan for future business development.

Reporting is mainly provided via the ESR Business Intelligence solution through which organisations can easily design their own reports should any of the 250+ reports provided as standard not meet locally specific needs. Data is also collated nationally in the ESR Strategic Data Warehouse. 

What it looks like

ESR has a number of methods to produce reports at a local level depending on the type and intended target audience. These include:

  • Requests – Reports run mainly for process based monitoring such as Payroll Exceptions.
  • Discoverer Reports – Available to Core ESR users and Self Service. These are normally operational reports such as Staff Lists and List of Starters / Leavers.
  • Business Intelligence - provides online dashboards for managers (e.g. Absence Rate, Appraisal Rate).

Report Catalogue

A standard suite of reports and dashboards is maintained centrally for all organisations. These cover the broad range of data that is captured in ESR. A range of subject areas are listed below.

Further Information

Full documentation is available here on Kbase, including a full Report Writers' guide to creating or modifying reports in ESR Business Intelligence.