Recent BI Updates

October 2017

ESR Release 36 has introduced a large number changes into ESR BI.

New Reports for ESR Learning Management Users

The NHS Learning Administration Dashboard has been updated to include a large number of new reports. These are mainly replications of the Discoverer reports to allow users to report the same information from ESR BI and gain confidence in using it as their main reporting solution, however a number of additional enhancements and reports have also been included.

Two dashboards have been made available:

NHS Learning Administration Dashboard

This dashboard is available to Learning Administration Users as well as BI Administration Users, and includes the following tabs:

  • Class Delegate List 
  • Class Listing 
  • Learning Record (All Delegates)
  • Delegate Status Analysis 
  • Historical Classes / Enrolments not Updated 
  • Monitoring 
  • Percentage Trained on a Course 
  • Online Test Analysis 
  • Player Performance Summary 
  • Player Status Analysis 
  • Selective Course Completions 
  • Sign-In Sheet 
  • E-Learning Tests 
  • Employees without a Specific Course 
  • Costing 
  • Class Planning (New!)
  • Course Listing (New!)
  • Study Leave 

An index page is also provided to aid navigation:


NHS Education and Learning Dashboard

This dashboard is available to Learning Administrators, and Manager Self Service users (including Supervisor and Administrator). It contains the following tabs:

  • Learning Record (Internal Delegates) 
  • Player Detail 
  • Candidate Status on Class


NHS Certifications Dashboard

Reporting on Certifications data is now available in ESR BI. A new dashboard has been made available to Learning Administrators as well as Manager Self Service users. 

The following tabs are available:

  • Delegate Status on Certification 
  • Course Compliance 
  • Certification Details (Not available to manager users) 
  • Certification History 

Annual Leave Entitlement Balances in ESR BI

An Annual Leave Balances tab is now available on the NHS Absence Dashboard. This report allows users to report on the annual leave accrual balances across the organisation. The report is a replication of the Discoverer report of the same name.

The Annual Leave Balances tab returns real time data from ESR and is not updated overnight. 

Date Track Changes and Highlights Reports

Date Track Changes and Highlights reports from Discoverer have been replicated in ESR BI. The reports are available within the NHS Change Event Log Dashboard and return data from ESR in real time and are not updated overnight.

These reports provide users with a number of rules against which data is checked and returned where the data falls outside of the rule.


BI on Mobile

ESR BI is now available to access on your mobile device. Simply log in to ESR remotely, click on 'Upgrade Access' and enter your credentials. You'll then have access to your usual URPs including ESR BI.