Self Service

The Self Service capability within ESR enables NHS employees to access their personal data through an easy to use browser-based interface that can be accessed in the workplace or on the move via the internet.

Little or no training or support is needed to use Self Service. It has been designed to be intuitive and new portlets from the landing page gives each manager and employee the ability to see key information as soon as they log in.  For more information about the new Portal and portlets, go to the My ESR section of this website.

Self Service is the gateway to managing your own data, or that of your team if you are a Manager.  With five levels of access managers can utilise additional functionality and controls, whilst employees have greater ownership of their personal information; this helps Organisations reduce costs on admin based tasks and supports local strategies around compliance, engagement and wider productivity and efficiency plans.

More detail about each level of Self Service access and its associated benefits can be found in the top left menu above.


  • Empower your managers to have greater control of their workforce data and targets.
  • Easy to use Reporting with ESR BI gives you access you key information such as absence and compliance presented visually with the use of BI Dashboards (and this data will be available on the Portal page once rolled out to your organisation)
  • Reduce costs by utilising the online payslip functionality so all employees can see the payslip in Self Service (this includes accessing it in pdf format).
  • Managers can support the career development of their team via learning paths, qualifications, competencies and development reviews.
  • Employees are empowered to manage their own data; they can view and amend their personal address, phone number, next of kin, and their bank details.
  • Employees can access their  Total Reward Statement