Supporting Streamlining Programmes

ESR is an integral part of streamlining solutions and should be central to the thinking on how systems can support more efficient and effective ways of working within organisations and across regions.

Four key workstreams have been identified which will contribute towards streamlining key processes within the NHS employee lifecycle. ESR has a pivotal and fundamental role in underpinning each of these workstreams.


Sharing data and best practice between Recruitment teams to reduce duplication of effort and improve timeliness of data.

Learning and Development

Transfer and recognition of training that is valid and applicable to the Employee’s role when undertaken in a previous NHS organisation.

Trainee Doctor Rotation

Developing an innovative approach to the employment of Medics on training  rotation.

Occupational Health

To form a regional standard of employment assessments and utilise Occupational Health (OH) immunisation and vaccination details from previous employers in an effort to reduce duplication.

It is recognised that designing innovative new methods of streamlining is likely to result in challenges to current systems and ways of working. To facilitate this, ESR has a well embedded network of Special Interest Groups operating both regionally and nationally, where ideas and innovation can be shared and discussed to better maximise the use and development of ESR and the supporting processes.

Providing the Solution to Streamlining

ESR offers a range of functionality that facilitates the sharing of data between Organisations via the IAT process, as well as enabling efficiencies within an Organisation.  For example, help reduce the recruitment lead time by using the Standard Reference functionality and improve the induction planning process by receiving any national competencies that the applicant has during recruitment.

The table below highlights some of the features in ESR that NHS Organisations can take advantage of to support Streamlining Staff Movements, whilst also improving existing internal processes and the links between administrative teams. 

Available Functionality in ESR

The diagram below highlights the functionality available in ESR which forms the process map of Staff Movements between NHS Organisations. The significant benefit of using ESR is the availability of data before the hiring stage, which enables the recruiting teams to reduce unnecessary duplication of effort and spend.

Case Studies