Strategic ESR

As the workforce solution for the NHS, ESR supports the delivery of national workforce policy and strategy by providing NHS leaders  with a range of tools that facilitate effective workforce management and planning; thereby enabling improved quality, efficiency and assurance of compliance against essential workforce standards.

ESR - World Class People Management for a 21st Century NHS

From the outset, ESRs strategic objective has been to ensure that ESR is regarded as the master workforce and learning management system for the NHS, and the central source of workforce information.

We deliver this objective by;

  • Supporting the NHS to take responsibility for the use of the system
  • Setting and achieving visible standards, e.g. in data quality and workforce benchmark reporting
  • Working in partnership - ESR Users, the Department of Health, IBM and the Welsh Assembly Group working together to deliver recognised success 
  • Maintaining a high quality, fit for purpose solution and service
  • Creating a sustainable team, proud of its culture of success and sound work/life balance 

At the heart of ESR are three core values;

  • Empower Staff and Managers to own and manage their data to improve workforce management and the experience of working in the NHS
  • Ensure NHS patients receive safer, more effective care from staff who are well trained and managed, appropriately registered and whose skills and talents are developed and used
  • Provide the public with improved value for money, resulting from transparent and evidence based strategic workforce planning and more efficient and accountable use of public funds.