Latest ESR BI Updates

May 2016 - NMC Revalidation

Two new pages have been added to the NHS Staff Requirements Dashboard to enable organisations to report on those Nursing and Midwifery staff that have, or need to have completed NMC Revalidation through ESR. 

The summary page provides a progress analysis showing where employees are within the revalidation process (and whether they have started or not).  Clicking on the figures provided enables the user to either navigate to the Revalidation Detail page or launch a new analysis showing those employees that have not yet started the revalidation review process (as recorded in ESR).

The detail page provides a full range of workforce and revalidation fields including all questionnaire questions and answers from the registrant, main reviewer and participants.

Employee Detail

The Employee Detail page is accessed through the detail page by clicking on the icon next to the assignment number you wish to view.  Workforce, revalidation review and course history analyses are then shown for the specific assignment.

April 2016 - Management Scorecard

A new 'Scorecard' tab has been added to the NHS Management Overview Dashboard.

This tab is available to Managers and allows users to report on Headcount, Absence % FTE, Compliance %, Appraisal % and Turnover % rates in one place.

Data can be grouped by any organisation level and conditional formatting is provided to highlight issues or trends. Conditional formatting levels can be set within the dashboard prompts.

Find this new analysis by navigating to the 'NHS Management Overview' Dashboard and selecting the 'Scorecard' tab.

March 2016 - IAT Operations

As part of the on-going development of the suite of Standard ESR BI Dashboards, a new ‘IAT Operations’ tab has been added to the NHS Staff Movements Dashboard.  The tab contains an initial three analyses showing summary and detailed information relating to IAT operations performed for employees that are currently employed.  The new tab is available to HR, Finance and BI Administration URPs only.

A summary view shows headcount and percentages where IAT has or has not been used.  It is available to view as a bar graph, pivot table or pie chart.

The ‘Average Days to PDS Applied’ analysis shows users the average number of days to the PDS being applied from the date they were hired.  Users can choose to group this data by a range of data items including Staff Group, Org Levels 1-7 or Job Role.

A detail view shows workforce and IAT information for all eligible employees.  Users have the option to only return records at the PDS Applied stage or all stages

The dashboard represents another way organisations can use the data recorded in ESR to identify weaknesses or improvements to business process and ultimately, to improve the service and experience provided to employees.

24th December 2014 - Compliance Prediction

The organisation compliance analysis in ESR BI has been updated to include 'compliance prediction' figures. As well as a current compliance percentage based on data as it stands, the analysis provides a predicted percentage in a number of days time (default 90). This takes into account both end-dates of competencies due to expire within the period selected as well as bookings onto future classes that are due to take place during the same period.

For example:

  • Number of assignments: 10
  • Number of competencies required by each assignment: 1
  • Number of competencies matched: 5

This provides a compliance figure of 50%. Of the 5 staff that hold the competency, 1 competency is due to end within 90 days, and 3 staff are booked onto a course that takes within the same 90 days meaning the predicted figure is 70%.

Access the updated analysis within the NHS Compliance Dashboard under the 'Organisation Compliance' tab.

10th December 2014 - Printable Management Overview Dashboard

A new tab has been added to the management overview dashboard which enables central functions and managers to produce a report which is specifically designed to be printed on A4 paper.

The new tab:

  • Includes page breaks to ensure content fits correctly
  • Automatically hides analyses when printed if there is no data returned
  • Contains space for narrative text to be added. Narrative can also be saved for re-use when next using the Dashboard
Dashboard View
Dashboard View

To access the new tab:

  • Open the NHS Management Overview Dashboard
  • Once loaded, click the tab named 'Printable' at the top right

To print the report:

  1. In Internet Explorer, click the drop-down arrow next to the printer icon at the top right.
  2. Select Print Preview
  3. Ensure the preview meets your requirements, if so click the print button at the top left.

8th September 2014 - Organisation Hierarchy

An organisation chart based on the organisation levels in ESR has been added to the 'NHS Staff in Post Dashboard' in ESR BI. Simply load the dashboard, select which level to start from, and the number of levels to include (7 as a maximum) to create a chart.

The chart has all of the usual dashboard prompts to enable removal of Bank Staff or specific organisations if they are not required. 

4th April 2014 - Supervisor Hierarchy Generation

Visualise your workforce with the new supervisor hierarchy analyses now available in ESR BI. Simply load the 'NHS Staff in Post Dashboard' and click the 'Supervisor Hierarchy' tab.

Users then select an organisation (or organisation level) from the list provided, and a hierarchy graph is automatically generated:

The graph can be exported to HTML or printed as needed. Please note: The graph denotes levels as set in the supervisor hierarchy and does not necessarily denote the seniority of employees.

The dashboard is available to HR Administrators as well as Manager and Supervisor Self Service users (managers & supervisors only see themselves and the staff beneath them in the supervisor hierarchy).

The hierarchy graph is limited to 200 assignments or fewer.