ESR Development Roadmap

We are now half way through delivering the vision set out in our Road Map for ESR which summarises how the ESR solution will be enhanced with a wide range of new functionality coupled with an improved user experience.

  • Improved User Interface and supporting changes to business processes for self-service and learning management users;
  • The introduction of a Reporting Strategy for ESR  - to support the move away from the Discoverer reporting tool;
  • Improved functionality for payroll professionals.


Adopting an initial ‘Beta’ site release in January 2017, 11 NHS organisations were given access to the new portal (N3 facing only).

In line with the Road Map approach, the new Portal was made more widely available to all NHS organisations in March 2017 (including internet access for employees)


  • key information delivered directly to the employee landing page;
  • Tablet and mobile friendly;
  • National ‘portlet library’;
  • Improved navigation within manager and employee menus and to Learning Management;

Manager dashboard will be made available including BI dashboards for:

  • % absence;
  • Compliance rates;
  • Reviews complete.
  • Alerts user to notifications that they have;
  • Direct access to Navigator for Professional users.

New User Interface

  • New look and feel for all Self Service style pages (including OLM);
  • Optimised views for mobile;
  • New Learner Home page;
  • Re-developed Appraisal, Compliance and Competency pages;
  • Access to a new Learner Home Page;
  • New Catalogue Search page.

Reporting Strategy

The reporting strategy as part of the roadmap for ESR has been developed to maximise the reporting capability for our users. 

Our new reporting strategy Includes:

  • BI data will be remaining 24 hours behind production data;
  • The introduction of real time, or near real time, functionality to ensure that certain elements of data are refreshed more frequently or immediately after ESR processes to support key business activities. Examples include:

    • Change Event Log;
    • Payroll Run Results;

  • Ensuring that when summary tables are used to supply data that these are scheduled in a way which means they are available in a similar timeframe to other data. So, for example, data in Discoverer that is currently 48+ hours old could be refreshed earlier;
  • Delivery of BI standard KPIs into any new portal dashboards;
  • Delivery of BI dashboards to mobile devices (both on N3 and the internet);
  • The ability to import external data to the BI data warehouse, removing the need to manually manipulate data outside of ESR BI;
  • Ensuring that BI is fully embedded into a high availability, high resilience, high performance regime including full business continuity.

User Readiness and Education

The ESR portal will not work effectively on versions below the current fully supported versions in MM-0100.  Important guidance for IT Departments and Providers is now available here.

Our latest Road Map Bulletin is available here.


Our Release 34 webinar presentations are still available for local use. Log in to our Kbase system and follow the following link: 

Our Release 33 webinars are also still  available via this link:


Access E-Learning for Employee Self Service, Manager Self Service and the new OLM processes, as well as Administrator Self Service lessons are available to download and view in the ESR Road Map section of ESR Infopoint.  

All relevant User Manuals and Classroom Student Guides for the areas impacted by Releases 33 and 34 are available via ESR Infopoint. 

Click here to access all the learning material in ESR Infopoint.


Education and User Guides for Release 35 will be available in due course.

Regional Support

If you want more information about the ESR Development Roadmap, please contact your NHS ESR Functional Advisor or Account Manager.

North West AM Mike Winstanley 07824502930
FA David Bromilow 07766161772
North East AM Mike Winstanley 07824502930
AM Trudy Wagstaff 07875399832
FA Amanda Lowdon 07766161240
Wales Programme Manager Rebecca Jarvis 01443 848599
Yorkshire & the Humber AM Trudy Wagstaff 07875399832
FA Amanda Lowdon 07766161240
West Midlands AM Maria Scott 07800774374
FA Jo Milton 07766161485
East Midlands AM Maria Scott 07800 774374
FA Sorcha Callus 07766161816
East of England AM Steve Finney 07824502937
FA Sorcha Callus 07766161816
AM Diya Aswani 07971 472568
FA Zoe Whittaker 07970161414
South London FA Helen Casey 07766161221 (SMS only)
Thames Valley & South West AM Paul Spokes 07971 472485
FA Jo Milton 07766161485
FA Zoe Whittaker 07970161414
Kent, Surrey, Sussex & Wessex AM Richard Bussey 07854254938
FA Helen Casey 07766 161221 (SMS Only)