NHS Pension & File Manager

The NHS Pension Interface is a bi-directional interface between ESR and the NHS Pension Agency (NHSPA).
The Outbound interface from ESR to NHSPA includes New Starters, Leavers and any changes for the NHS Employees currently on the NHS Pension Scheme. The New Starters information is provided on a weekly basis; with the Leavers and Changes information available on a daily basis. 
The Inbound Interface from NHSPA to ESR is provided on a daily overnight schedule. This provides ESR with a reconciliation process and where Pension information is to be updated in ESR, notifications are provided to the NHS Organisation Pension officer.
The NHS Pension File Manager provides access to the secure NHS Hub for a NHS Organisation to download Pension files including updates, changes and year end files. Total Reward Statement (TRS) reports are also directed to the secure NHS Hub.