New for 2018 - Discover Your ESR

Discover Your ESR

To further build on the success of the Portal and Annual ESR Assessment, we have launched a new tool – Discover Your ESR.

Designed exclusively for NHS leadership teams and decision makers, our new web based tool uniquely presents the ESR solution in a business driven format, to help you understand how strategic workforce and business challenges can be addressed using your ESR solution.

As well as providing essential information at a strategic level, there are also tools to help you and your operational teams plan and mobilise projects that will help expand your ESR footprint; helping you to achieve further efficiencies.

With almost 1 million ESR users now interacting with ESR via the Portal, the new functionality is delivering tangible benefits – both in terms of enhancing and transforming the user experience and presenting you with the opportunity to re-evaluate what ESR can do for you.    

Take your own journey of ESR discovery

Our new tool will help you to prioritise your workforce challenges, and ask the right people the right questions about how you use ESR, and more importantly, identify gaps, that will then enable you to align ESR capability to your workforce strategy - helping you get the most out of the support and capability available to you.  

Discover Your ESR can be accessed at or by clicking the button opposite.

Annual ESR Assessment

The 2018/19 Annual ESR Assessment gives you the ability to benchmark against previous years, examine your own usage and identify where you can use ESR to further improve efficiencies and streamline business process. Ultimately, this will support you to address some of the strategic and operational challenges that you have, as well as saving time and money – directly supporting productivity and efficiency targets. 

The ESR Assessment provides essential information:

  • Up to date ESR statistics (usage);
  • Recommendations based on your business needs; short, medium and long term;
  • Access to support and guidance via the NHS ESR Team.

Utilise the Discover Your ESR tool to help you:

  • Understand how its support your business need;
  • Broaden your knowledge of the ESR system;
  • Instigate conversations with key stakeholders;
  • Understand current working practices;
  • Identify specific actions to aid ESR development.

Book your Annual ESR Assessment with your NHS ESR Account Manager or NHS ESR Functional Advisor to start your own journey of ESR discovery.